Here is a list of my other Health & Fitness sites. Two or more related topics are grouped together and presented as part of a group. Some categories are rich with content and presented alone. Some of the sites have free downloads. Some of the sites have premium download and some have both free and premium downloads.

Each site has few affiliate offers and several of my products for sale.

Peronal Development
There two types of memberships. Free and Premium
Free – 1 download offered twice a week.
Premium – 3 -5 downloads offered twice a week
Here is a list of some of the topics you can learn about. Abundance, Affirmations, Attraction, Confidence, Courage, emotional-intelligence, Focus, Goals, Gratitude, Greatness, Growth, Habits, Happiness, Information-overload, Law of Attraction, Leadership, Lifestyle, Limitless-energy, Longevity, Mindfulness, Minimal living, Motivation, Optimal Living,
Organization, Positive-thinking, Productivity, Self Discovery, Self Help, Self Improvement, Self Success, Time Management, Wholeness, and much .. much … more