Anti Aging Supplements

Aging is a change that we just can’t avoid. Deceleration or slowing down this rate of change and allowing us to enjoy the benefits of youth for as long as possible is something we can control through diet and overall lifestyle.

We are what we eat and what we eat greatly affects how young or how old we look relative to our ‘real’ age. As we become older our body’s digestive system has a harder time extracting and absorbing crucial nutrients. As a result people often turn to ‘anti aging supplements’. There are numerous supplements some maybe familiar to you. Two key players in the game of digestive aging are Glucosamine and the CoQ10 enzyme. The popularity of these two nutrients are very high simply because they work.


For Younger, Healthier Skin

This supplement helps stabilize pigment production to prevent the occurrence of hyperpigmentation. More than one study has revealed that regularly taking glucosamine supplements can help make the wrinkles and fine lines look less visible.

They have also shown that glucosamine is beneficial for improving skin hydration and wound healing. Skin cosmetic manufacturers harness the ability of glucosamine in lightening skin pigmentation by adding it to their products as an active ingredient.

For Stronger Bones and Joints

Glucosamine supplements are widely used for some of the common diseases associated with aging, such as arthritis. Regular intake of glucosamine has improved the lives of many people who suffer from this painful condition. This supplement may not be able to overcome all arthritic symptoms but most have found it to be the most effective over the counter supplement available.

It works effectively for reducing chronic inflammation and pain associated with joint pain and arthritis. It can reduce pain to an extent that sufferers have been able to reduce taking some of their pain relieving drugs. Its ability to provide relief for arthritis patients is attributed to its natural cartilage-building properties.

A big positive is that the long term use of glucosamine supplements have been found helpful for slowing down the process of bone deterioration. This is huge, helpful and highly correlated to intake

Please consult your doctor first before taking glucosamine supplements. People who are allergic to shellfish may not be advised to take this supplement. This is because glucosamine is derived from shellfish protein. While incidence is low, it could produce an allergic reaction in some people.

Coenzyme Q10

Looking older than your actual age can be a sign of being CoQ10 deficient. CoQ10 is a vitamin that works to recycle other nutrients such as vitamins E and C. If your body does not have enough CoQ10, DNA damage can be accelerated. Being CoQ10 deficient also increases the likelihood of suffering from muscle soreness, weakness, heart failure and fatigue.

CoQ10 enzyme plays a major role in the production of energy in the body. In fact, 95% of energy production is made possible with the help of the CoQ10 enzyme.

The regeneration and multiplication of cells in the body also takes place with the help of CoQ10. If available levels are low, vital tissues will have first call and skin cells given a lower priority.
This means that to keep the skin cells healthy inside and out, you need to have enough CoQ10 in your body. Regular intake of this supplement will provide protection against free radical damage, thus reducing the visible effects of aging.

Although our body can produce some of its own CoQ10, as we age, our body’s ability to produce it also declines and the taking of CoQ10 supplements can be beneficial.

If you are regularly taking COQ10 supplements, your brain, your heart and your entire body will benefit. It is also an ingredient in many cholesterol lowering supplements as well.

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